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Via a retained service, we will continue to provide you with access to the current innovations in this area, in addition to continued advice and on-site support to manage individual requirements as they arise.



We love working with our clients and during our time with them we really do become part of the firm. There will however, always be a time for us to extract ourselves from the day to day and hand it over to our clients to run themselves.

This doesn’t mean that we are never to be seen again, far from it. Our clients call on us to provide continued support and advice to suit their needs.

Some clients like us to continue to support their function from a functional management perspective on a part-time basis, some like us to come and provide briefings to the permanent team on best practice developments within the market, some for training, some for short-term support to expand the function…..whatever is needed, we can usually support it. If we can’t, we’ll say so.